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Why Choose Our IT Outsourcing Services?

Ever been on a low budget, short with time for developing your project? Outsource it offshore to SoftSerbia, our offshore software outsourcing company, and we guarantee saving them both, your time and money.

Who we are?

SoftSerbia company, founded in year 2003, is located in Serbia - Eastern Europe - homeland of Nikola Tesla, Mihajlo Pupin, Milutin Milankovic and Novak Djokovic.

We currently have a team of 10 software developers, interested in outsourcing cooperation, especially if we are talking about long term partnerships.

We have numerous outsourcing clients and projects (see references for their testimonials). Most of our projects we cannot reference because of NDA's we have signed with our clients. Some of them can be seen in portfolio.

In 2006 we passed ISO 9001 quality certification.
In 2008 We developed SMS-Parking system and finished implementation in our hometown Kragujevac. The system is still in use today.

ISO 9001 quality

Continual improvement and commitment to quality are critical elements of our mission.

After successful ISO 9001:2000 certification in year 2006, we are now trying to move forward and implement goals and practices from CMMI v1.2 model.

Our goal is to achieve CMMI Maturity Level 2 and Level 3 certifications.


  • GMT+1 time zone. Just 1-3 hours flight time from almost all of the European capitals.
  • More than 4 hours overlap with the working schedule from the East Coast (comparing with just one hour overlap that Asian companies can provide).
  • Highest percentage of English language speakers in South Eastern Europe
  • European business culture and attitude. English speech that western people like to speak with.
  • Large number of creative and talented IT professionals with strong mathematical background.
  • Long engineering culture. Tesla, Pupin and Milankovic are some of the well known scientists with Serbian origins.

Ruby on Rails Outsourcing Development

Being in the IT business for 20 years, our company embraces innovations and tend to use cutting edge technologies.

We recognized Ruby on Rails as a perfect fit for our development methodology:
  • Object-oriented MVC structure,
  • RESTful application design,
  • Agile Web Development
  • Reusable modules and fast development - Ruby on Rails has large community and rich open source libraries,
  • Integrated automated testing
  • and many more ...

Usually, our recommendation to clients is to go with Ruby on Rails, since in most of the cases it gives best results with a least effort. Other technologies are used if they suits better clients needs.

Outsourcing model

We prefer development on time and material basis and long-term partnerships.

Our hourly rate vary from 30$ for long term partnerships, to 40-50$ for one time projects.

We create a project team and supply our client with the certain number of man hours on a monthly base.

The project leader is the person with most experience in the project team, responsible for communication with the client, coordinating project activities and supervising the development process.

Every month we send client invoice together with report of what has been done during that month (number of hours per activity/module).

Who we are?
ISO 9001 quality
Ruby on Rails Outsourcing Development
Outsourcing model

Services & Technologies

We are highly qualified and educated team of IT professionals providing reliable, secure and cost-effective offshore software outsourcing, understanding the vital components that go into a successful on-line services.

Ruby on Rails

Devise, Doorkeeper, Sidekiq, Omniauth, Virtus, Carrierwave, ActiveAdmin, RefineryCMS, RVM, Puma, Rubocop


Zend Framework, Symfony 2, CodeIgniter, YII, Laravel


NumPy, SciPy, MatPlotLib

Machine Learning

TensorFlow, SciKit-Learn, Amazon ML, DialogFlow


HTML, HTML5, Haml, CSS2, CSS3, Sass, Bootstrap, Foundation, RWD, Font Awesome


JavaScript, AJAX, CoffeeScript, jQuery, AngularJS, React, Yarn, NPM, Node.js, D3.js


MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, Mongo DB, Apache Solr, Elasticsearch

SMS services


GIS (Geographic Information Systems)

GoogleMaps, GeoServer, Leaflet

API development

RESTful Web services, SOAP, JSON, XML

Payment gateways

PayPal,, 2CO, Adyen, Ogone, Stripe

Website optimizations

SEO, Caching, Minify assets, CDN, CSS Sprites, Lazy Load, PageSpeed, YSlow, Lighthouse

Open source customizations

WordPress, Magento, Joomla!, SugarCRM

Social network programming

Twitter API, Facebook API, Google APIs

Linux system administration

Chef automation, Icinga monitoring, Virtualization, BASH Programming

Cloud platforms

Heroku, Amazon EC, DigitalOcean, Datapipe

Тest driven development

RSpec, Selenium, Capybara, Cucumber

Data scrapping

Curl library, HTTP, Regular expressions

Source versioning

Git, SVN

Project management

Agile, Scrum, Trac, Redmine, UML


Android, iOS, Pocket PC


ADA Compliance, WAVE tool, ARIA in HTML, Screen Reader Simulators


gRPC/ProtoBuffer, Golang Gateway


AWS Lambda function, PostgreSQL on Amazon RDS, Alexa Skills


Besides outsourcing projects we use our skills for development of our own software products.
Feel free to contact us if you are interested to become our partner and implement our solutions in your country.

Outsourcing Portfolio

We took part in many projects but unfortunately we cannot list many of them because of the contracts we signed with our partners. So here we list just a small overview of our work:


Companies all around the world relied on our service and support in past 20 years. We are especially thankful to those who gave us their testimony of our partnership.